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Dr. Levisay is opening blocked coronary arteries for patients who’d been told nothing could be done.

“The vast majority of my patients see a dramatic increase in daily quality of life after surgery—and for some, it is actually lifesaving.”

-Dr. Levisay

Using innovative techniques, Dr. Levisay is taking on the most complex, high-risk cases—and reshaping heart care.

Chronic total occlusion and other coronary artery disease can sometimes make arteries too weak for traditional open heart surgery. So Dr. Levisay is pioneering two exciting new techniques. Both are minimally invasive and generally don’t even leave a scar. The first is called heart flossing. Using a fine guidewire, he threads stents and balloons through the blockage to open the artery. Dr. Levisay is one of only a few interventional cardiologists in Chicago currently using this approach. 

To keep blood flowing and stabilize the heart during surgery, Dr. Levisay utilizes the Impella circulatory support system. The tiny device is inserted through an artery in the leg. And Dr. Levisay is a Midwest trainer, teaching other specialists to use the Impella. 

At NorthShore Cardiovascular Institute, we take a comprehensive team approach to treating patients with complex coronary issues. Cardiovascular surgeon Hyde Russell, MD, and heart failure specialist Robert Gordon, MD, are frequently part of case planning for complex cases. All team members, from cath lab nurses to ICU nurses and physician assistants, are specially trained and play a vital role in the program.

At NorthShore, we’re always exploring new ways to keep your heart strong.